eList Rental Requirements

**Please send all materials to pw-elistmaterials@endeavorb2b.com

  • Any approvals or corrections to tests must be sent to pw-elistmaterials@endeavorb2b.com

  • Please designate when sending creative materials who will be submitting revisions if needed, as well as who has the final approval for the targeted email. If you have multiple people reviewing the test email for changes, please compile all changes into one email and send to pw-elistmaterials@endeavorb2b.com

  • Please do not reply to the tests themselves. 

  • NOTE:  Material must be received at least 48 hours prior to deployment date.  There will be a $250 rush charge on all orders required within 24 hours.

** Below is a quick list of all required materials for targeted emails. More in depth explanations follow:

  1. HTML file

  2. Text file

  3. From line

  4. Subject line

  5. Test/seed names

  6. Final approver name


  • HTML file (as an attachment): This file should be created in pure HTML code, with no external .CSS Style Sheets used.  Creative made with programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe GoLive is not supported. There are several pure HTML editing software programs in the industry such as Microsoft FrontPage, DreamWeaver and Ektron eWebEditPro. Creative made with any of these programs will help ensure that more of your audience will be able to properly view the e-mail.


* Forwarding of inline HTML is not recommended as Outlook and other email programs add a lot of extra formatting which can cause your HTML to not render correctly. It is recommended that you send your HTML as an attachment for this reason.

  • Note:  The use of JavaScript, iFrames and video is not supported due to compatibility issues with email clients, as well as for security and spam filtering reasons.

  • Note: HTML designed strictly with divs and css for positioning and alignment will not render correctly with certain versions of Outlook. For this reason, it is recommended that you use tables when designing your HTML.


* Creative consisting of a single image file (.jpg or .gif) is not recommended and will increase the chance that your creative will be filtered as spam or have an extensive download time.

  • Image/graphic files: You can either host these files on your server, including the absolute reference URLs in your code or we can host them if you do not have the ability to do so. If we host, we will make the necessary changes in your code.

  • Note: We recommend that images be no more than 750px in width

  • Note:  Please do not use background images in your HTML as background images do not render properly in all email clients.

  • Text file (for people that can't accept html e-mails) Please provide us with a plain text file with no graphics or text attributes included.  Notepad is a good text editor to use when creating this file.  Most everyone can accept html but there are some servers that block them. When we have a text version, they will get that instead. That way, no one is missed. Please note: a plain text file is now required for ALL targeted emails due to recent system changes.

  • Subject Line: What will appear in the subject line when the e-mail deploys.

  • From Line: Can either be your company name or Endeavor's entity name (magazine that list derives from) and on behalf of…your company name.

  • Test Names: People that you want to review the test e-mail to make sure it works properly before it deploys to the actual list. These people should check all of the links and make sure that they direct to the proper landing page.  Once everyone on your test list has reviewed.  Please send one email to pw-elistmaterials@endeavorb2b.com with changes or approval. 

  • Seed Names: If different than Test Names.  This would be people that you want to receive the actual e-mail. Usually the same as the test names but sometimes a few extra internal people that don't need to be included in the approval process.

  • Opt-Out Lists:  To comply with Can-Spam Laws, Endeavor will add an opt-out clause and link to the end of your email creative.  If you have a list of email addresses that have previously opted-out of your mailings, please provide us with those names and we will suppress them from your mailing.  

  • Unsubscribe Link:  We also require a link or email address to be included in your creative so that the recipients can unsubscribe from your mailings directly.

  • Deployment date and time.  Once approval is received from you, we can normally deploy within a couple of hours.  Please let us know your preferred date and time of day for your targeted email to go out.

If you have any questions about any of these items, you can reach us at pw-elistmaterials@endeavorb2b.com.