Endeavor Business Media Acquisition of Informa Industry & Infrastructure Intelligence and Auto Aftermarket Media Brands - Customer FAQ

1) Can you tell me more about this acquisition?

Endeavor Business Media and Informa recently reached an agreement, under which Endeavor has acquired a number of Informa’s leading Industry& Infrastructure Intelligence and Auto Aftermarket media brands.

This is the latest step in Endeavor’s rapid growth and a further development in the mission to deliver the highest-quality content to B2B markets in the various, multi-channel formats that today’s readers demand.

2) Who are Endeavor Business Media?

Endeavor Business Media is a US-based B2B media and events company founded in 2017 by B2B media veterans Chris Ferrell and Patrick Rains. The management team at Endeavor has significant experience in business-to-business publishing, events, and marketing that we bring to the table in our efforts to support our brands. The company has grown rapidly since launch, and now has 600 employees, 80+ brands and 59 events.

Endeavor’s mission is to deliver the highest-quality content in the B2B markets they serve and to do so in the various, multi-channel formats that today’s readers demand.

Endeavor has built a portfolio currently active in Industrial Manufacturing , Vehicle Repair and Transportation, Oil & Gas, Advance Technologies, Healthcare Products and Services, Public Services and Security, and Water & Wastewater, among others. For more information on Endeavor, please see www.endeavorbusinessmedia.com


3) When is it effective?

The sale is effective immediately.

4) What are the benefits for customers?

Endeavor is one of fastest growing players in B2B media and is fully committed to long-term investment for sustainable success for these new brands. Endeavor’s brand and event portfolio in energy, manufacturing, technology and transportation will give customers a larger reach and more insights into the markets we serve.


Endeavor content expertise within niche markets serves B2B audiences with quality content daily. Our audience engagement and behavioral insights give our customers unique opportunities to connect with buyers in digital, live events and print channels.

Endeavor’s culture and organizational structure is aligned around a data-informed, customer-first philosophy, which ensures that customers are treated as partners in a long-term business relationship. When Customers win, Endeavor wins.

5) What does that mean for the future of these brands?

Endeavor is very excited about bringing the Industry & Infrastructure Intelligence and Auto Aftermarket media brands into the business, as a way of strengthening Endeavor’s existing position in some of its key markets, creating exceptional value for its audience and customers, as well as sustainable profitability and success.

A big part of the acquisition is bringing over a suite of innovative marketing solutions in research, content marketing, social and lead generation that will continue assist you in reaching your marketing goals.

Endeavor is actively growing and investing in high quality B2B media brands that deliver high quality content and uniquely valuable experiences and is executing on a path to long term sustainability and growth for B2B media and events.


6) Will the Branding or Names change for these Brands?

Endeavor recognizes that there is a lot of brand equity and trust invested in the names, logos, URLs and events associated with the Industry & Infrastructure and Auto Aftermarket Media Brands.

As such, there will be no immediate changes to these names or branding. While the groups will become fully part of Endeavor, including adding the Endeavor corporate logo placed on websites and marketing materials where appropriate, the day to day branding for these publications, products and events will not change.


7) Will my sales rep change?

There will be no immediate change in the sales rep you are dealing with within the business. You will have the same quality service you have always had, with minimum disruption.

8) Will there be any disruption in my current program?

As big part of the acquisition digital, print and marketing solutions support team’s members of the digital, print and marketing solutions teams who have supported these brands in the past are also transitioning to Endeavor, to ensure there is minimal disruption to the service, and they will continue to be aligned with markets and customer they serve.

9) I currently use Send My Ads or send my material directly to my project/production manager. Is that process changing?

There will be no immediate changes to any ad collection process. As the brands transition to the Endeavor platforms and best practices, any changes will be communicated to you well in advance. For any questions on ad copy procedures or specs, please continue to contact your current contact person.

10) Are there any immediate changes to print or digital specs?

At this current moment, there will be no changes to any specifications. Please contact your production, project manager or account manager if you have any questions.

11) Will my billing change?

At this time the only change to the invoices will be Endeavor’s Logo. Otherwise all aspects of invoicing and payment remain the same. Additional communication will be circulated in the coming months as this process is integrated with Endeavor’s systems and processes.

12) Will I need to sign a new Insertion Order for currently booked campaigns?

We will notify you of any changes to this process within a short period of time. Your sales rep will also guide you through any changes.

13) Who do I go to with any billing questions?

Please continue to communicate with your Informa billing contact. Additional communication will be circulated in the coming months as this process is integrated with Endeavor’s systems.

14) Where can I find the Endeavor Business Media Terms and Conditions?

These can be found on this link: https://www.endeavorbusinessmedia.com/endeavor-terms


15) Do I need to complete a new credit app or sign new T&Cs?

You will not need to complete these for currently booked business. You will be notified directly if we need updated credit forms from you. The T&Cs applicable to your order will be reflected on your IOs. Endeavor will honor Informa T&Cs assigned to us through the transition process. New T&Cs will be inserted in new IOs for new orders.


16) Is Endeavor Business Media GDPR and CASL Compliant?

Endeavor Business Media is fully committed to complying with all applicable privacy and security laws. Endeavor has undertaken significant efforts and investments to be compliant with all applicable privacy laws, including the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), California’s Privacy Rights Law (California Civil Code Section § 1798.83), CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law), and U.S. CAN-SPAM legislation, among others.


We have made significant investments in personnel, processes, and technology in support of our privacy compliance efforts. Because of our prior investments in technology such as our proprietary content rights management system, BASE™, and unified customer database with industry leading technology providers, we are well positioned as compared to others in our industry to comply with GDPR and other privacy legislation. You can read our privacy policy at https://www.endeavorbusinessmedia.com/privacy-policy.