Transforming energy for a more resilient future.

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Executives, engineers and operations professionals from a variety of energy companies, exploration, utilities and end-use C&I customers, focused on resilience, safety, digital transformation and environmental impact.


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Advancing the Commercial & Industrial Energy Transition

C&I Energy Managers, Facility Managers & Sustainability Officers


Ensuring the Future of Reliable Electric Power Delivery

Utility Executives, Engineers, Operations and Linemen


Enabling Utility Transformation Through Community & Engagement

Data Analysts for Operations, Sales & Marketing, IT and Engineering


Charting the Future of Microgrids and Distributed Energy

Energy Managers, Utilities, Microgrid Developers 

Oil Gas

News and Analysis for Guiding Business Decisions and Spurring Innovation

Executives, Engineering, Technical, Purchasing, Field Professionals


World Trends and Technology for Offshore Oil & Gas

Executives, Purchasing, Engineering, Consulting and Field Professionals


GIS Asset Data for the Energy Industry

Intelligence for Petroleum, Natural Gas, Electric Power and Renewable Energy Planning


Global Utilities

Electric Utilities

Corporate Management


Operations & Facilities



Utility Analytics Week

Focused on how data and analytics are enabling utility companies to drive customer engagement, enhance operational performance and reduce business risk.

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Utility Analytics Summit 1

Insights on how analytics are being applied to help utilities become more data driven.  Focused on analytics maturity levels, emerging technologies and analytics strategy.

Linemans Rodeo

Attracting the best linemen from around the world to compete in events based on traditional lineman tasks and skills with two days of indoor/outdoors exhibits.

TDW LeadershipForum

Focused on helping utilities implement successful strategies and solutions for hardening, protecting, and maintaining the world’s power grids.

SmartUtilitySummit CTR

Gathering utility professionals from across the nation to introduce the latest technologies and services for updating electric utility infrastructure.


Decision-makers from wind and offshore oil and gas, covering topics around industry regulatory and technology challenges to offshore wind development.

ManufacturingTechShow 1

Covering the total manufacturing industry ecosystem, from effective executive management to cutting-edge engineering and environmental technologies.

ManufacturingTechShow 1

Guiding energy businesses, organizations, policy makers and customers toward the future of microgrids and a push towards sustainable and reliable power.