Broadband Technology Report Merges with Partner Publication, Lightwave

Nashville, TN // May 1, 2024: Today, the Digital Infrastructure Group at Endeavor Business Media announces an enhancement to our media offerings, integrating Broadband Technology Report (BTR) into the Lightwave brand. This merger marks an evolution in our content delivery, creating a more unified source for industry-leading information at

With the goal of making access to content more streamlined, BTR’s archive of articles, news, whitepapers, On-Topic Reports, and webinars will now be housed under the broadband channel on the Lightwave website.  Professionals will now have access to the full spectrum of optical communications and broadband content through a single brand experience.

BTR’s key offerings such as the BTR Networking Newsletter, Diamond Tech Reviews, and the Tech Breakfast at SCTE will continue under the Lightwave umbrella, maintaining their dedicated focus on the broadband industry. This integration broadens the scope of Lightwave’s coverage and strengthens our commitment to delivering cutting-edge information that drives the optical communications industry forward.

“The fusion of Lightwave and Broadband Technology Report comes at a pivotal time when the demand for bandwidth is surging, driven by trends such as increased remote work, cloud computing, and advanced digital technologies like AI,” said Sean Buckley, Editor in Chief, Lightwave+BTR. Both platforms have historically centered on the critical role of fiber optic technology—a key component that continues to evolve in response to new challenges and opportunities in internet traffic management.

For professionals in the field, this merger simplifies access to essential industry insights by providing a single brand platform where the interconnectedness of Lightwave and broadband technologies can be explored. This integration seeks to enhance understanding, allowing professionals to easily see how advancements in one area relate to and impact the other. The combined platform will serve as a vital tool for industry professionals looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

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