Electric Vehicles: Tracking the EV market

A hiccup? An inevitable growth slowdown? A bumpy transition from early adopters to the mass market?

However you’re looking to label the state of the electric-vehicle market in 2024, you can’t say it’s static. Some of the first generation of manufacturers have exited stage left while others are trying to reinvent themselves. Market leader Tesla is preparing to plow billions into its next-generation (and lower-cost) car while rivals Ford, GM and Stellantis are (re)crafting their own strategies and heavy-truck manufacturers are testing and refining their offerings.

All the while, investments in related products and services – more efficient batteries, more reliable chargers and smarter software suites – are continuing apace. It’s still quite the unruly space but its outlines are becoming a bit clearer, particularly as federal stimulus and infrastructure funds work their way through the system.

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