Infrastructure: Leaping further forward

There are many data points to pick from when it comes to showing the rude health of the broader infrastructure sector but this one might do it best:

A survey by our Roads & Bridges brand showed that 85% of respondents had a good, very good or excellent 2023 and about the same number think this year will bring more of the same. (More on that study in the first link below.)

Despite grumblings about the pace at which some stimulus spending is making its way to projects (and continued struggles hiring and keeping workers), it’s hard to overlook the stiff tailwinds driving work in the roads, bridges, transit, energy, water and other subsectors.

This is a long-term upswing and this short list of stories tries to frame some of its dynamics:

Roads & BridgesThe infrastructure decade arrived in 2023

Construction EquipmentAutomation and electrification are trends to watch in hydraulics, survey says

Wastewater DigestThe ‘Talking Under Water’ podcast state of the industry episode

Water Quality ProductsWhat’s in store for 2024?

Construction EquipmentTrade group says equipment investment to grow 2.2% in 2024

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