EBM 2019 4C Stacked

Endeavor Business Media is dedicated to helping marketers creating meaningful connections that move business forward.  Our latest Marketing Insights Webinar focuses on Leveraging Virtual Experiences to Drive Results. REGISTER TO VIEW ON DEMAND


With the impact of Covid-19 we are in a challenging business environment and expectations of marketers are raised to new heights. Between managing critical marketing communications, ensuring existing campaigns are still relevant, and reworking event plans, marketers and event leaders are being asked to reimagine how to keep audience engaged and to find innovative ways to generate awareness, build brand affinity, and drive lead generation. 

Our team of industry experts continue to partner with companies to assist them in delivering important insights assisting in keeping brands top of mind while helping marketers quickly pivot into new solutions that will build marketing pipeline, create content marketing assets, and generate qualified leads that convert. 

Join Jacquie Niemiec, VP of Marketing Solutions, and Ryan Malec, Senior Director of Digital Innovation, as they discuss the following: 

  • Steps on building a solid multi-step marketing approach for success in this time of great uncertainty.
  • Latest trends that are a winning combination of digital engagement 
  • Examples of creative ways companies are creating digital engagement and replicating event experiences