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Serving professionals involved in LEDs and lighting, photonics, machine vision and imaging, information communications, smart buildings, data centers, and defense and aerospace technologies.


Comprehensive Coverage of the Competitive Broadband Arena

Broadband technology MSO’s independent operators and service providers.

Cabling Installation
Technical & Business Intelligence for Information Communications Technology
Experts responsible for the specification, design, and management of structured cabling systems.
Cabling Installation

Intelligence for Charting the Future of Data Center and Cloud Computing

Executives, managers and consultants at enterprise companies, responsible for making strategic data center decisions .

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Advancing the Transformation of Telecom Networks

Engineers, operations, IT and executives focused on the evolution of the telecom and ICT landscape.

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Shaping the Future of Photonics and Optoelectronics

Engineering and research professionals who are decision-makers for photonics-related purchasing.

LEDs Magazine
Driving Innovation and Solutions for LED and Lighting Applications

Engineers, researchers, scientists, and technical professionals focused on lighting technologies, applications, and markets.

Technical Insights for Optical Communications
Network engineers, executives and technical managers focused on voice, data, and video communication networks and services.
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Insights for the Evolving Defense and Aerospace Market

Serving an engaged network of aerospace engineering managers, military electronics specialists, program managers and executives.


Bridging Silos Across the Smart Building Ecosystem

Senior level technology leaders, developers & integrators responsible for managing the entire smart building spectrum.

Insights for the Machine Vision Market
Machine vision and imaging professionals focused on system design and installation challenges, technologies and applications.




Machine Vision



Smart Buildings Ecosystem


Strategies in Light

Showcasing equipment, techniniques and education to help transform, simplify and automate network services across wireless and wireline networks.

Laser Photonics Marketplace Seminar

Providing insight on the current state of the market, challenges and opportunities, as well as spotlighting emerging technologies. In partnership with SPIE.

ManufacturingTechShow CTR

Learning and networking experience specifically formatted to meet the unique needs of West Coast architecture and lighting specifier communities.


Focusing on controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and cannabis cultivation; building consensus on regulations, utility and efficiency program support and technology integration.