International GSE Expo 1008

Roads & Bridges Summit

The Roads and Bridges Summit is an exclusive gathering designed to bring together a select group of county commissioners, highway superintendents, and other department leaders from across North America for three days of unparalleled networking, enlightening roundtable discussions, and the sharing of groundbreaking ideas. The Summit is an invaluable opportunity to connect department leaders with their peers, forging relationships that extend beyond borders and jurisdictions. The informative roundtable discussions provide an open forum for candid conversations, the sharing of best practices, and the exploration of strategies that can be adopted on a local, regional, and national scales. From advancements in equipment and technology to novel training methodologies, the event is a melting pot of innovative concepts that collectively elevate the roads and bridges profession.  The Roads and Bridges Summit is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for progress in the roads and bridges realm. The relationships built, discussions held, and ideas exchanged have a lasting impact that resonates far beyond the event’s conclusion.